Social Responsibility 

Local employment, community relations and sustainable development is our main focus for our Social Responsibility in Argentina. We are conscious of our impact on the environment and have developed a number of practices that allow us to work with a sustainable, community and environmentally-minded approach. We recognise the importance of leading and promoting the best principles and workplace practices to ensure health and safety for all of our team onsite and within the wider community.

We offer equal opportunities of employment where possible, develop and practice equal policies for all staff and engage local suppliers.

Our goals are:

  • To continue to make a positive contribution to the local community

  • To have an injury and incident free workplace through ongoing commitment to best practices and regulations in Workplace Health and Safety

  • Provide training and assistance to all employees where needed

  • Rehabilitate the land to operate in a sustainable way

Dark Horse pledges to contribute positively to the land and the community in which we operate as avoiding and minimising potential impacts on the environment is our foremost concern.

Our Health and Safety objectives include:

  • No business objective will take priority over health and safety

  • No task is so important or urgent that it cannot be done safely or without the appropriate protocols

Dark Horse strives to conduct continuous safety check and monitor the quality of all equipment on a regular basis.