Pico Power Station 

Dark Horse intends to join with a Developing Partner to construct an Advanced Ultra-Supercritical 1000MW mine mouth coal fired power station in Rio Negro Province, Argentina.

The project proposal has been received favourably by the Rio Negro Government and would provide inexpensive and clean base load power to the Argentine national power grid.

The power station will work towards the Argentine Government’s plan to increase thermal electricity generation within the next decade by up to 8000MW.  

The power station will utilise supercritical pulverised coal technology and supply electricity into the wholesale electricity market under a Government guaranteed long term Power Purchase Agreement.  The Government has recently released the tender for Cogeneration thermal power and the Combined Cycle & High Efficiency tender is expected to be released in July 2017, for which Dark Horse shall participate. 

Electricity Sector in Argentina 

Argentina has approximately 29,000MW of installed capacity, 1,500MW of which is considered peak power and 3,500MW of which is over 30 years old and nearing the end of its life. Demand is reaching 24,000MW in peak periods with limited to no spare capacity. This in turn has caused brown outs across the country.

Dark Horse Resources believes there is an opportunity to generate cost-effective electricity though coal fired power without the need for government subsidies.

Environmental Performance

The construction of the power station would be based on state of the art Ultra‐Supercritical (USC) technology, which requires less coal per megawatt‐hour (lower carbon dioxide and sulphur emissions) and reduced fuel consumption, which results in lower overall operational expenses.

Dark Horse will look to utilise the latest commercially‐viable technologies and equipment providers to minimise and control emissions, and will also investigate carbon capture and sequestration and offsetting strategies.