San Luis and Cordoba
Lithium Projects


Pampa Litio (PL S.A) holds a large acreage of prospective lithium pegmatite ground in the San Luis and Cordoba provinces of Argentina with a target to control a provincial stake of lithium resources to produce Lithium Hydroxide. 

The pegmatite fields of San Luis and Cordoba have an important past record of producing mica, beryl, spodumene, tantalite (tantalum oxide), columbite (niobium oxide), and recently K-feldspar, albite and quartz. The fields contain more than 95% of the granitic pegmatites of the country, with mineral resources that have been mined during the past 80 years, producing the majority of the feldspar, quartz and mica plus Be-, Li-, Ta-, Bi- and Rb-bearing minerals.

PL SA also holds the significant  Las Tapias mine in Cordoba province. 

Las Tapias Mine

Pampa Litio is acquiring 34,000ha of licenses for exploration, and the expansion of existing mines at Las Tapias and San Luis. The Las Tapias mine has been a significant producer of beryl, a mineral associated with lithium, during several periods from 1938 to 1965. The mine contains zones of up to 80% spodumene with some crystals up to 3 metres long. The spodumene contains an average grade of 5.5% Li2O. Since 1978, the mine has been in sporadic production of quartz, feldspar and mica. Dark Horse intends to investigate the existing mine dumps and tailings for significant spodumene contents, as well as explore the area in detail for the existence of spodumene.