Central Argentina Lithium Spodumene

The short‐term objective is to produce spodumene concentrate from the central Argentinean projects creating early cash flow and introducing lithium products to the market. Dark Horse has a defined work program which includes resource definition, JORC Reporting and feasibility, culminating in mining and infrastructure development. Dark Horse is seeking a strategic partner to support and fund this work program. In return, Dark Horse will provide a 100% lithium products offtake.

San Luis Project Location_May2019_hr.png

Project overview

  • Dark Horse holds the Las Tapias suite of mining licenses in Cordoba, and the El Totoral, San Martin, Novillo Negro and Leon Herido exploration licenses in San Luis province, all holding swarms of pegmatites throughout the leases

  • Las Tapias presented as a highly prospective lithium spodumene pegmatite project being an existing mine/quarry with historical underground workings.  Site observations, sampling and assaying undertaken and the overall geological exploration work completed prior to drilling provided good indications of prospectivity.

  • Dark Horse has learned a great deal about pegmatites and lithium bearing spodumene in this new hard rock province of Argentina, which is a significant advantage in the future exploration and definition of the larger and higher priority targets in San Luis.

  • El Totoral was identified early as a very prospective spodumene bearing pagmatite system and Dark Horse has focused on its exploration activities there.

  • The pegmatites are finger-like structures at surface and typical pegmatite zoning is evident (wall, border and core).  Spodumene is easily observable in old quarries, adits and galleries. El Totoral has numerous parallel pegmatites throughout the lease, existing as swarms, which have been identified over a strike length of 6km. Significant results include:

    • San Luis Mine area - 1.91%, 1.97%, 0.81% AND 0.44% Li2O

    • Central area - 1.13% Li2O

    • Southern area - 2.35%, 1.71% 0.84%, 0.63% Li2O

san luis.jpg

The assays also returned some high tantalum pentoxide (Ta205) values ranging up to 698 ppm.

El T spod.jpg

Spodemene bearing pegmatites at the San Luis Mine in the El Totoral lease (left), close up photo (right).