Dark Horse Resources implements an aggressive business strategy and model, to meet the increasing trend of many nations establishing regulations for the requirement to utilise electric vehicle technologies, which are majority based on lithium batteries. 

  • The short‐term objective is to produce spodumene concentrate from the central Argentinean projects creating early cash flow and introducing lithium products to the market. Dark Horse has a defined work program which includes resource definition, JORC Reporting and feasibility, culminating in mining and infrastructure development.

  • The long-term objectives are to define sufficient lithium resources for future sales, into a new domestic lithium processing and battery manufacturing industry in San Luis. This strategy is well supported by the strength of the San Luis and Argentina economies as they continue to transform under the progressive, industry-oriented governments.



Project overview


Dark Horse has an extensive portfolio of high value lithium spodumene projects in the central Argentine provinces of San Luis and Cordoba, through the Argentinian company, Pampa Litio SA.

San Luis Project Location_May2019_hr.png
  • Lithium is an element that can only be extracted commercially from Spodumene pegmatites or Lithium brines. Spodumene is a mineral occurring in pegmatite granites, where Lithium is extracted in a chemical process to produce a lithium product suitable for use in lithium batteries.

  • Dark Horse holds the Las Tapias suite of mining licenses in Cordoba, and the El Totoral, San Martin, Novillo Negro and Leon Herido exploration licenses in San Luis province, all holding swarms of spodumene bearing pegmatites throughout the leases. 

  • El Totoral in San Luis province was identified early as a hugely prospective spodumene bearing pegmatite system, and Dark Horse has focused its exploration activities here (refer figures and photos at left and below). 

In this location, the pegmatite bodies exist as massive, extensive swarms.
They have been identified over a vast strike length of >5km and a width of 2km in the southern part of the lease.

  • Individual pegmatites have been observed on the surface with widths up to 70 metres and lengths of several hundred metres. El Totoral has numerous parallel pegmatites throughout the lease, existing as swarms, which have been identified over a strike length of 6km.

  • Commercial spodumene deposits require a Lithium Oxide (Li2O) mineral content of greater than 1%. Dark Horse discovered superior assay results of Li2O from individual representative surface samples at El Totoral, which include:

    • San Luis Mine area - 1.91%, 1.97%, 0.81% and 0.44% Li2O

    • Central area - 1.13% Li2O

    • Southern area - 2.35%, 1.71% 0.84%, 0.63% Li2O

    The pegmatite bodies also contain high values of the element Tantalum, which will be considered for exploitation and processing in a future commercial spodumene operation.

    Dark Horse has explored the Las Tapias lease in Cordoba, an existing lithium spodumene pegmatite mine/quarry with historical underground workings. Drilling proved a reasonably large mineralized resource, although the volume is insufficient to meet the Company’s current development objectives.

    Las Tapias would be able to supplement other resources in a future commercial operation. Research into the Las Tapias region provided an excellent source of data for pegmatites and lithium bearing spodumene in this new hard rock province of Argentina. The accumulated data will provide Dark Horse with a significant advantage in the future exploration and definition of larger priority targets in San Luis.

El T spod.jpg

Spodemene bearing pegmatites at the San Luis Mine in the El Totoral lease (left), close up photo (right).

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