A diversified resource and energy company. 


Dark Horse Resources Ltd (ASX:DHR) is an Australian based mineral resource company, with a particular focus on Argentina, where it has invested in gold and lithium projects, with a goal to discover a multimillion ounce gold deposit, and be a producer of high grade Lithium Hydroxide for the domestic and international battery and electronic markets. 

DHR also has a substantial holding (circa 40%) in Australian based oil and gas exploration company, Lakes Oil (ASX:LKO). 



Located in Rio Negro, 70km southeast of Bariloche. Large resources of thermal coal, with potential metallurgical coal properties with four main seams with up to 10m aggregate coal thickness.

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Los Domos Gold Project 

The region is host to numerous multi‐million ounce, epithermal style gold‐silver deposits within Santa Cruz Province including Cerro Vanguadia owned by AngoGold Ashanti, and Cerro Negro owned by Goldcorp. 

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Base load power

Dark Horse plans to construct a clean-coal 1000MW Ultra-Supercritical power station with the coal resources from Pico Quemado to provide base load electricity to the Buenos Aires network. 

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San Luis and Cordoba Lithium

Las Tapias Mine was significant producer of beryl, a mineral associated with lithium, during several periods from 1938 to 1965. The mine contains zones of up to 80% spodumene with some crystals up to 3 metres long. 

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